Sākums Jaunumi Kontakti

About us

Kennel "Solo Rigoletto", registered in FCI 03/2007.

The best Kennel of Baltic Sieger Shows 2017., 2018., Articus Club Show, Estonia 2018,  Latvian GSD CLUB 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019 in main specialised GSD shows, 2nd place among all breeds kennels of Latvian Cynological Federation 2016, 3rd in 2019. Solo Rigoletto got 9th place in the main world's GSD show Nurnberg, Germany, 2018.

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany are countries, where You often will meet orange Solo Rigoletto team in German Shepherd specialized shows.

The first puppy - Arko Solo Rigoletto (VA(EST), SG 97 BSZS, LV, LT J CH, BALT, RUS CH, SchH3, HD/ED normal, DNA gpr., Kkl1 lbz(SV)) was born in 2005.01.10.


In 2016 Xedgehog's progeny group was nominated as the best among all breeds in Latvian Cynological Federation, the best progeny group in Baltic Sieger Show 2018.

Since 2005 Solo Rigoletto dogs have received the following titles -  5  VA  dogs (LV, EST&BALT, RUS, UKR, BY) and  50 J CH & CH of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltics, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine, 38 dogs have pased breed survay and received Kkl  and more than 60 have passed different trials, such as BH, PD, KK, AD, IPO, SCHH, IGP etc. 

Longhaired Boss Solo Rigoletto in 2015 became sg12 in BSZS JKL, sg1 AUT, FIN, LV, LT, EST, V1 DE.

10 Solo Rigoletto dogs and kennel group, as well as mother's group were participating in BSZS 2018, Xedgehog, Diva and Boss got V in GHKL.

Solo Rigoletto dogs you can find in Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Finland, USA and Mexico.

We are happy to have friends - German Shepherd breeders and lowers in all world!

Special thanks to Marenda for beeing with us and taking photos in BSZS 2018 !