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Nova von der Zenteiche, Jessica Solo Rigoletto, Jutta Solo Rigoletto - hd/ed normal!  lasīt vairāk
Our longhaired king Boss Solo Rigoletto (Perry vom Regina Pacis - Fiji Solo Rigoletto) won in Germany again. June 3 in Schwalmstadt - Treysa, expert Norbert Wettlaufer. It was Boss's third victory in Germany already. The excellent dog who gives ... lasīt vairāk
Born 23.03.2018. More info in PUPPIES! Excellent temperaments, easy for training! lasīt vairāk
We have got the beautiful pictures of our laureates - Xedgehog Solo Rigoletto showed the best progeny and got the Best progeny group title in the contest of the Latvian Cynological Federation among all breeds in 2016, Kennel Solo Rigoletto got ... lasīt vairāk
Thanks to our friends in Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Finland, Poland and of course - Latvia and Jemmas father's Dali vom Webachtal friends in Italy for support and voting! Thanks Marenda for the amazing picture what was the most ... lasīt vairāk