Sākums Jaunumi Kontakti


In memoriam. RIP. You were more than just dog. Always in our hearts and dreams. lasīt vairāk
Our dream litter from V3 BSZS Mondo di Casa Palomba (VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland - Nita della Valcuvia) - *Nova von der Zenteiche (VA Jax dei Precision - VA Viola von der Zenteiche) was born on April 5, 2020. Nova gave us 10 beautiful and very ... lasīt vairāk
We have received "klar" confirmation for 11 dogs (10 Solo Rigoletto) to participate in BSZS! 3 dogs will be represented in GHKL, our kennel has start number 02 in kennel's competition, but in pilot project among 26 participants from all world 6 ... lasīt vairāk
Nova von der Zenteiche, Jessica Solo Rigoletto, Jutta Solo Rigoletto - hd/ed normal!  lasīt vairāk
Our longhaired king Boss Solo Rigoletto (Perry vom Regina Pacis - Fiji Solo Rigoletto) won in Germany again. June 3 in Schwalmstadt - Treysa, expert Norbert Wettlaufer. It was Boss's third victory in Germany already. The excellent dog who gives ... lasīt vairāk